The drug eluting balloon company

The 3rd generation Elutax SV

The intelligent drug
eluting balloon.

Less than 0.038 inch
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The Leipzig Interventional Course

European Society of Minimally
Invasive Neurological Therapy

One Pathology, All vessels, The Solution: Drug eluting Balloons

The Balloon

Elutax SV has been designed to fullfil all the demands. Alexander Rubben, CEO

Tip close-up
Cut-back technology

We aimed to reduce the crossing profile as low as possible.


Products Specifications

The Ice Layer

"The concept of ELUTAX SV is revolutionary"
Aachen Resonance Research Team


The ICE Layer guarantees a homogenous coating and secure Drug attachment

Target release modus
Cross Section
Medical Cases

The Snow Layer

The Snow Layer consists of micro crystals of pure paclitaxel.

Pharmacological studies could demonstrate the direct correlation between crystal morphology as well as size and effectiveness.


cross section
elutax and elutax sv


Hydrogel enables better Pushability and Trackability

Hydrogel is paved against vessel wall and protects the paclitaxel against wash off and gives the Drug more time to penetrate the vessel wall


Easy trackability
Hydrogel layer

Product Coronary


The drug eluting balloon to reach complex lesions

Product Peripheral


Two different technologies for the same goal, to reach distal lesions with one balloon and without the need of pre-dilatation.

Product Dialysis


High pressure capabilities and short shaft gives you safety and comfort

Product Supra Aortic Neuro


The only drug eluting balloon certified for the treatment of supra-aortic lesions.

Product Central


Product Regeneration


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