Dedicated Drug coated Balloons

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Less than 0.038 inch

sales and marketing: vika.buckiene(at)

production: aliona.kostrikova(at)

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phone: + 33 6 21273746

AR Baltic Medical UAB
P.Luksio g. 5B
LT-08221 Vilnius

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AR Baltic Medical

is engaged in the development and manufacturing of catheters and stents. The company is specialized in the field of invasive cardiology, radiology and neurology providing a range of treatment possibilities with drug eluting devices for several applications. The key products of AR Baltic Medical include Paclitaxel coated PTA and PTCA Balloons as well the unique Paclitaxel coated balloon for intra-cranial applications. The company maintains strong relationship with Universities, Medical Centers of clinical and scientific relevance and Technical Research Centers for its development activities. AR Baltic Medical has its main research and manufacturing facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company offers its products through distributors across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa as well as directly to hospitals.